Top 5 Forum WordPress Plugins for 2020: How to Build a Forum with WordPress

Top 5 Forum WordPress Plugins for 2020: How to Build a Forum with WordPress

There are lots of different ways to build a forum section on your website, and using a forum plugin is one of the easiest ways to make it happen. If you are offering any kind of services or running an e-commerce business, the forum section becomes one of the most essential parts of your site.

Creating a forum or community section, where customers can share, discuss, and provide feedback for your product, will build trust in your brand.

So, let’s discuss how to add a forum on WordPress website with forum plugins.

Let’s have a look at the best forum plugin options to use for websites on the WordPress platform.

Top Forum WordPress Plugins

1. PeerBoard

It’s our blog, after all, so we’re putting PeerBoard as the first one on this list. The idea came to us when we were looking for community platforms that allow enough customization and flexibility for integrations. All tools were either legacy or were siloed platforms like Facebook, Reddit and Mighty Networks.

We decided to take a different approach and created an embeddable discussion board that people love using. If you haven’t tried PeerBoard yet, this WordPress plugin is definitely worth your time.

2. bbPress

bbPress is one of the oldest and widely used WordPress forum plugins. It is a sister project of, which means that it uses the existing WordPress core. It’s simple, easy, and speedy WordPress forum solution.

3. ForumEngine

This is a WordPress theme which turns your WordPress site into a discussion forum. Basically, the theme shows the forum threads right on your homepage. ForumEngine costs $49.

4. Forym

This is a premium forum plugin for WordPress. You can get it for $22 on CodeCanyon. Forym has many features to create a good-looking forum on your website.

5. Simple:Press

This plugin is completely free and integrates with WordPress sites easily. With Simple:Press you can Implement a paid membership system on your WP site. It costs $109 per year (1 site).

Wrapping Up

We have put together the best 5 plugins for building WordPress forums but can’t say which particular one to choose. We’d recommend to study the features and pick the one that fits your needs.

Our goal with PeerBoard is to create a plug & play discussion board that ranks higher than the competition. We want to build something that is easy to use and something that meets your business needs at work.

Feel free to give it a try and let us know what you think!

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